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Christine Ng

Temasek Polytechnic 2007-2014 (Senior Lecturer)

  • Giving Lectures on 20th Century Fashion History & Fashion Drawing (AEM Program)
  • To explore major art, cultural and social movements which have significant impact on the evolution of fashion through the age.
  • Identify the key features and reapplication of these elements when designing in the current context.
  • Aimed at aspiring student with an interest in fascinating of fashion style, Help student to identify different types of garment details & put their ideas across with irresistible effect.

Fashion Workshop for BHG Staff Training Engaged by Retail Academy 2007-2009, 2012

  • To enable the fashion sales staff to be more confident in their job and have better ability to help customers shopping for fashion wear accessories.
  • Understand different types of body silhouette and make wise recommendation to customer.
  • Recognized of basic care labels and common fabrics material care methods
  • Understand the principles of colour, update on current colour trend, and colour forecast.

Nanyang Academy of Fine Art 2005-2007 (Senior Lecturer)

  • Giving Lectures on Product Development, Portfolio Development, Fashion Forecasting.
  • Composition Elements of Detail, Fabric application applied towards garment, guide student to plan a collection by targeting customer and choosing fabrics & colours to create a cohesive look..
  • Guidance for student to build an eye-catching portfolio that will sell their designs.
  • Giving Information about leading-edge colour direction, new fabric concept and learn about fashion forecasting presentation.

Ivy Fashions Pte Ltd (Senior Design Consultant) 1993-1997 – Senior Design Consultant cum Operation Manager and part shareholder of company.

  • Managing the company’s marketing operation.
  • Designs and negotiates with clientele on projects which also include fittings coordination and measurement of uniforms.
  • Travel to coordinate work for overseas clients, hotels and corporate projects with overseas tailors in sample production, and before acceptance.

Lasalle International Fashion School (Canadian Affiliated) Senior Lecturer 1989-1994 (Presently known as Raffles Lasalle S’pore)

  • Pioneer lecturer and coordinator of courses outline into training of new lecturers.
  • Giving Lectures on Fashion Line & Colours, Drawing Illustration III,Ill, Silhouette and Design Construction.
  • Composition Elements of Detail, Fabric application applied towards garment. – Coordinating and guidance for graduation shows.
  • Travelled with groups of students to overseas for fashion trade shows on learning exposures experience.

PaLin Art School (Senior Design Lecturer) 1981-1988

  • Senior lecturer and Advisor for fashion design Faculty and coordinator for annual fashion department Graduation Shows.

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